Awesome Gobi Tour 2022 #TravelTomorrow

Either the nights of the Gobi are amazingly quiet and beautiful with countless bright stars. You also see amazing sunrises and sunsets in the Gobi.

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Nature is waiting for us. #DreamNowTravelLater

“Whatever the world should be like after the pandemic, it will be fascinating to explore it alongside the travellers.”

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Lord of the Taiga & Reindeer Family 2022

Tsaatan reindeer herder family is one of the last remaining nomads in North Mongolia. #HolidayDreamsAlive.

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“Dream now – travel later” 2022

Book now and save with our one-time special 15% early bird discount!

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Adventure Mongolia, we’re dreaming of you…#dreamsalive

Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.

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Discover Mongolia with Adventure Rider Team.

Nomadic by Nature



        Creating your dream travel experience is what ADVENTURE RIDER LLC does best. We are experienced team offering all aspects of accommodation and travel for your Mongolian Trip -from our well-equipped, central Guesthouse, to our personalized tours. Together, we are a team of passionate adventurers dedicated to creating the best journey for every traveler. With over 15 years combined experience, we understand how to create the perfect package for you and your group. Let us take care of the details- private transportation, experienced drivers, traditional accommodation, incredible guided sight-seeing and more- so you can relax and enjoy the ride!


       We provide opportunities to truly immerse yourself in Mongolian Culture (eating and sleeping as traditional Mongolians would in a Ger), to engage in intrepid activities like horse-treks and yak-milking and to behold beautiful scenary. Visit the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, learn about the Nomad’s lifestyles, see dinosaur fossils, ride a camel and spy on some reindeer -all with the ever-changing scenic landscape- from expansive, green steppes to beautiful snow-capped mountains and sandy Gobi Desert. We take pride in our flexible packages, allowing you to find a tour to match your budget and time-frame. Your own expertly trained Tour Consultant is happy to co-ordinate the planning process and your Guide will give you an inside look at all the best sights.


For more information please call us at:


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About our hostel


- Central location

- Free wifi & breakfast

- 24 hour reception

- Pick-up & drop-off service

- Car-rental service

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The Top Tours

Naadam Festival 2021 & Gobi Desert 8 days Tour

from $60

Per person
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Golden Eagle Festival 7 days Tour 2020

from $120

Per person
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Nature adventure rider tour

from $70

Per person
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Day trip to Terelj NP

from $60-140

Per person
Day trip
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Beauty Central Mongolia Tour

from $60-140

Per person
8 days
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Special tours

Ice & Camel Festival

  • 10 days
  • $150

An exploration of Mongolia's dramatic winter landscapes, this journey is a unique opportunity to attend a festival held on the…

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Dog Sledding Winter Tour

  • 6 days
  • $300

You will live this unique experience at Terelj, located in the Gorkhi-terelj national park, at 80 km from the capital.…

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Climbing to Malchin Peak (4050m)

  • 10 days
  • $120

Our trekking tours cover glaciers and peaks, alpine lakes and rushing streams and include snow-capped peaks of Mt. Khuiten, Nairamdal,…

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Horse Riding to Lake Khagiin Khar

  • 8 days
  • $100

This Mongolia tour is the excellent choice for those who are looking for an exciting adventure with horse riding experience. Not…

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Herd of Reindeers Tour (Flight 2 way)

  • 9 days
  • $110

On the furthest north of the country, there are famous travel destinations from Khuvsgul province. Lake Khuvsgul is Mongolia's biggest…

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Adventure Rider (Motocycle tour)

  • 10 days
  • $140

We suggest you one of the most incredible ways to discover Mongolia. This is a motorbike tour. You can come…

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Great Mongolia (Long tour by land)

  • 31 days
  • $60

Join us on this epic  Great Mongolia long tour through this wonderful country of ancient history, unique Mongolian nomadic culture,…

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