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Naadam Festival 2024 & Gobi Desert 8 days Tour

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Tour description

Should you visit Mongolia, one of the best times to go is during the mid-summer Naadam celebrations. Desides the wrestling, horse racing and bow-shooting contests, you can also explore Mongolian food, music, crafts, games and culture in general. 

And, of course the natural beauty of the country will also await you. Including you will meet different cultures and nomad people. 

Amizing scenery, history, wildlife and adventure Gobi Desert wait on this fabulous trip - we promise you won't forget it! 

Naadam Festival and Gobi Desert Tour is our best seller and recommended Event tour. 

Opening Ceremony ticket for Naadam Festival additional 30$

Horse racing competition entrance fee additional 15$

Visa invitation letter if needed

Shared accommodation at Ger during the tour

English speaking guide & private driver

All meals are mentioned itinerary + drinking water

All entrance fees & road taxes (except Naadam Festival )

Horse and camel riding

Mongolian traditional barbecue 

International airfare or train tickets cost Personal expenses: Such as laundry, beverages & snacks, telephone calls Travel insurance: Our clients are recommended to get travel insurance coverage from their local insurance companies before traveling Optional activities which are not included in the tour itinerary Camera or filming fees inside museum & monastery One night in Ulaanbaatar city Tipping to your driver and guide or else
Attend to Incredible Naadam Festival Witness Mongolian horse racing competition Explore amazing Gobi Desert See the legendary wrestlers and archers Visit temples and nomadic families Travel to National Parks Lifetime experience Unforgettable memories Travel and festival photography Discover by nature and traditional festival
Day 1. July - 10 th ( Tour start ) Ulaanbaatar city Tour and Horse racing field. Witness Naadam Festival Horse racing. Visit Sukhbaatar square and National history museum. Enjoy evening show on main square. ( L+D) Day 2. July - 11 th Attend the Naadam Festival Opening Ceremony, watch Archery and Anklebone shooting competition. Drive toTerelj National park via Chinggis Khaan Statue. Visit Turtle Rock and Ariyabala Temple, horse riding around one hour. Overnight in family Ger camp. Meals ( B+L+D ) Day 3. July - 12 th Drive to Tsagaan Suvarga, White Stuppa. This is an eroded landscape that was once beneath the sea. Reach in marine fossils and clam shells, some of the chalk mounds are up to 30m in height. Overnight in nomad family guest Ger. Meals ( B+L+D ) Day 4. July - 13 th Drive to Yoliin am (Yol ice valley ) which located in Govi Gurvan Salkhan or known as Three Beauty of Gobi. It's end of the Altai mountains ranges and chance to see wild animals such as wild sheep, ibex, condor, golden eagle and of course vultures. Overnight in local family guest Ger. Meals ( B+L+D ) Day 5. July - 14 th We continue our journey to the Khongor sand dune or known as Singing Dune that is one of the biggest sand dunes of Mongolian. It has an extraordinary length of approximate 100 kms and 12 kilometers wide. There is an oasis near a river Khongor at the northern edge of the sand dunes. Dune journey, camel riding and trekking. Overnight in family Ger. Meals ( B+L+D ) Day 6. July - 15 th Drive to Bayanzag or known as Flaming Cliffs. Bayanzag is very famous for Dinosaur remains complete dinosaur skeletons and eggs. American Palaeontologist Roy Chapman Andrews has been discovered this area in beginning of 20 century and getting famous all over the world. Visit to Dinosaur fossils found area. If you see carefully, you could find piece of bone or dinosaur egg. Afternoon short hiking Gobi tree-saxual forest. Overnight in Ger camp. Meals ( B+L+D ) Day 7. July - 16 th Drive to Rock formation which is beautiful Gobi desert an interesting granite rock formation in the Middle Gobi. Overnight in nomad family guest Ger at Beauty Rocky area. Meals ( B+L+D ) Day 8. July - 18 th Drive back to UB city. We will witness great performance of National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble in the evening. Visit cashmere and souvenirs shop if you want. Drop off to Hotel or Hostel. Meals ( B+L )

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