About us

Welcome to Mongolia dear Travelers


        Creating incredible travel experience is what ADVENTURE RIDER LLC does best. We are a family operated company and mainly organize a tour operator entity.  We are a company of passionate adventurers dedicated to creating the best journey for every traveler. We draw on 8 years of expertise to continue to add meaningful travel experiences to our portfolio of many tours. Let us take care of the details- private transportation, experienced drivers, accommodations, sight-seeing with tour guides and more- so you can concentrate on taking in unforgettable sight-seeing around you.

       We provide variety of travel events and sight-seeing including ancient capital of Mongolian Empire, nomadic and gatherer life style of reindeer herders, dinosaur fossils and eggs, unique mixture of exotic and beautiful nature such as Gobi desert (continuous mountain dues), high snowcapped mountains and forests and endless Euroasian steppes.  We also offer unmatched services so you can plan a tour within your budget and time frame. Your own expertly trained Tour Consultant will help with every step of the planning process and your tour guide will give you an inside look at all the best sights.


Best regards Adventure Rider Team


Our mission:  We value honest, flexible and pure relationship

Our vision: The philosophy of our business is to practice nature based tourism without adversly impacting wild life and promote eco-balanced tourism.