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Wind of Eastern Tour

From: $60 : 8 days

Tour description

This is a favorite destination for birders, wild life watchers, astronomy buffs and those who like big sky, 360 degree views, and a peaceful environment also birthplace of the great Chinggis Khan. Mega city dwellers come to the Eastern steppe of Mongolia to enjoy its endless horizons. One of the favorite activities of tourists in the eastern steppe is just to lie down on grass, open their arms, close their eyes and listen to the tweets of... no, not tweeters on internet... but real steppe birds.

Let;s ride an adventure with AdventureRider team

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and drinking water on each day
  • Horse or camel riding (as applicable)
  • All entrance fees to parks, monasteries etc
  • Qualified driver and tour guide
  • Accommodation
  • Sleeping bags as required
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and drinking water on each day
  • Traditional barbecue
  • International airfare or train tickets: We offer cheap international airfares and tickets for our customers request.


  • Personal expenses: Such as laundry, beverages, alcoholic drinks, telephone calls, optional activities which are not included in the tour itinerary
  • Travel insurance: Our clients are recommended to get travel insurance coverage from their local insurance companies before traveling
  • Visit Nomad family
  • Horse and Camel riding
  • Hiking on the Mountains
  • Birth place of Chinggis Khan
  • Traditional performance
  • Monastery and ruins
  • Terelj National Park via Chinggis Khan Statue
  • Explore wild nature

Day 1

Drive to Khukh Nuur known as Blue lake. Khukh Nuur is said to be the site where Temuujin was crowed as Chinggis Khan in 1206. There is a small plaque that marks the coronation spot attended by 100.000 soldiers according to some sources. Here Chinggis Khaan was married with Burte queen-his first wife. Overnight in tourist camp. B+L+D

Day 2

Drive to Baldan Bereeven monastery. This monastery is situated in beautiful countryside in the Khankhentii Mountains. The monastery's history begins in the late 1700s, when the Undur Gegeen, Mongolian ‘'First Bogd'', sent a group of monks to find an auspicious site on which to build a monastery in the east, as the three other directions (north, south and east) had already established monasteries. Unfortunately, the main temple and many of the adjacent buildings were destroyed in 1937, accordance with the communist government's anti-religious policy.  B+L+D

Day 3

After breakfast, drive to Ugluchiin Kherem and Rashaan Khad. Ruins of the fortress of Uglugchiin Kherem are on the slopes of Mount Binder. The include parts of the fortress walls, a double rampart of granite and the ruins of the town of Baruunkherem with its seven gates (now destroyed).Mesolithic to early Neolithic petroglyphs have been discovered at Mount Arshaan Khad (meaning ‘Cliff with Springs'), a sacred site located in Binder district northeastern part of the province. Overnight in tent in the beautiful wild nature. B+L+D

Day 4-5

We continue our journey to Dadal distrect which is Chingiss Khan's birthplace. This is lie at the confluence of the Onon and Balj rivers at Deluun Boldog in Khentii Province. It's a magnificent area of lakes, rivers and forests and days could be spend in the area simply because of its natural beauty. B+L+D

Day 6

Drive to Undurkhaan capital of Khentii pvovince. We are going to visit local museum, sightseeing, relaxing and have fun time is available. Overnight in local hotel. B+L+D

Day 7

Drive to Terelj national park via visit Chinggis Khan statue which is 40m high and see as far signed Chinggis Khan holds golden whip in his right hand. Lying in the valley of the Terelj river 80km northeast of UB, this resort is part of the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. It is one of the most visited areas in Mongolia due to its magnificent scenery . During the summer season there are great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, swimming, riding and birdwatching.  B+L+D

Day 8

Drive back to UB. If you would like to do some shopping souvenirs and cashmere in Ulaanbaatar, we all see a live performance of Mongolian national Folklore. B+L+D

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